Listing Number:  BBF-894112001

Category : Furniture Retail SIC 5712
Detail : Furn Retail Lawn/Patio Price : 170,000
County : Pinellas Down : 120,000
State/Prov. : Florida Adj Net : 58,000
Country : USA Sales : 472,000

Reseller of outsourced Florida made handcrafted custom doors and locally crafted outdoor wood furniture including replicas of the world famous St. Pete Green Bench. Creatively serving Tampa Bay since 1980. Business operates in a manufacturer rep business model, and contracts with 2 Florida based woodworking shops that produce the products. Owner is involved in product design with home owners and home builders, and sometimes is involved in delivery, but all products are made by his 2 subcontractors.

Business is     Relocatable: N    Home Based: N    Franchise: N    Lender Pre-Qualified: N

Accounts Rec 0 N* Real Estate 0 N*
Inventory 8,000 Y* ___________ 0 N*
F F & E 1,500 Y* Total Assets 9,500 Y*
Leasehold 0 N* * Included?

The listing agent is a business broker and/or a licensed real estate broker

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